Data Abuse and Defamation: Hamas Support Open – Fake „information“ on the Internet

On the Internet exists a fake „Hamas Support list“ (pdf) of the anonymous Blogger opinionnotes.files. This list contains almost all the names that were on a signed petition to the foreign minister of Austria, originating in 2005. The original list was intended as a human protest against arrest and imprisonment of Austrian human rights activist Sandra Bakutz  in the year 2005. The petition was put online by the Organisation AIK without our consent. The Blogger opinionnotes.files had copied the list from the Internet and had put it online, claiming all the „members“ of mentioned list were open supporters of the terrorist organisation Hamas. This action abuses our names in the most shameful way and damages good reputation. Aside from me there third damaged parties like the Mandelbaum Verlag (jewish Publishing House), the ÖH (Austrian organisation of students) of the University of Vienna, the university professors Gerhard Botz, Erich Ribolits, Monika Jarosch, radio station Radio Orange as well as a concentration camp memorial in Upper Austria.

In spring 2005, 245 people and eleven organisations signed a petition to the foreign minister of Austria for the release of Sandra Bakutz from a Turkish prison. At that time also I have signed as a supporter or human rights. Together with me famous Austrian university professors like Gerhard Botz and Erich Ribolits, todays Vienna representative Peko Baxant (SPÖ, Austrian political party, member of the city parliament of Vienna), the ÖH of the university of Vienna, the Mandelbaum Publ. Company as well as many other signed this petition for the sake of human rights. The signatures were collected by different organisations: from the GPA youth (Austrian Union of Print and Press members) and the Radio Orange, SOS Mitmensch (NGO, Human rights). Besides, a neutrally held GMX email-address also existed under the title „Freedom for Sandra“.

All names accumulated for Sandra Bakutz were later put online by the AIK without our consent or knowledge. Since the 1st of April, 2011 these names are spread as a PDF file under „Hamas Support Open“ on the Internet, by  the anonymous Blogger „“. Interested will find out with a comparison of both indexes of names that the so-called Hamas Support Open differs from the list of the Blogger´s one only in the numbering. For example, the university professor Monika Jarosch is lined up in the original petition on place 245. In „Hamas Support Open“ she is placed on number 248. The organisations were copied 1:1 and were inserted. As I do not want to advertise neither for the AIK nor for the Blogger, I have consciously placed no links to both lists in my own blog.

Erich Ribolits, Peko Baxant and I have asked the Blogger for a distance or removal of the list by Postings. It was pointed out to the committed data abuse and the defamation. The AIK has already been contacted for a quick removal of the list, with the success of removing  three names, which happened on the 24 of February this year.



However, the complete list was not removed from the AIK.  The Blogger „“ has not taken the fake Hamas-Support-Open up to now from the net. Since then our presentation of the facts on right-wing Blogs and web pages were mocked.

My political position:

Neither do I deal with the terrorist organisation Hamas or represent their opinions, political aims and act of terrorism! This is the same with the AIK or the „anti-imperialistic camp“, cited on the homepage as well as their views. I completely dissociate myself from their inhuman politics in context  of the Israel-Palestine conflict. I am showing complete solidarity to the sovereign state of Israel and its people.


Claudia Aurednik

German Version:


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